Striving for Success with good Moral and Values are primary objectives of Mr. Sevimli. Born and been raised in many of the European Countries Harun has highly and valuable expertise in Cultural, Social & Business Aspects.

His Many Companies in Germany, Turkey and the U.S. made him a success Story for Entrepreneur’s.

In the Early Years he realized the strength of being a leader with the exceptional organizational skills for his little Soccer Club and then with a Dance Group which He turned into a Dance Club with dozens of Members into an International Success.

Turning his Model & Dance Career to a Success where he modeled for Hugo Boss and thought dancing and Choreography at the Broadway Dance Center in New York for many of the World Wide Celebrities.

After finishing his Economical degree in Int. Business, he then built an Agency, later a Translation and Consulting Business in Germany and Turkey.

Expanding it to Turkey with an Office for Business and Finance Consulting where Mr. Sevimli translated for the (WFP) World Food Program’s Transportation companies in multiple Languages.

Bringing Foreign Investors from Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East into the U.S. and wise versa, Mr. Sevimli start matching Sellers with Buyers on a Personal Level Platform with (B2B) Business to Business until 2003. (

Simultaneously, Mr. Sevimli created the Company called Amerturk Inc. for the Liquidation Business Industry since the IT & Boom was starting to fall apart in the Silicon Valley Technology Hub.

Seeing the Potential and following carefully the local and State Laws Mr. Sevimli took advantage of being one of the first Certified Recycler for Electronic Waste (E-waste) in the State of California in 2005.

Multitasking in different revenues where Mr. SEVIMLI.’s strength is, he finally took another step into the Reverse Supply Chain business going after the major Retailers in the U.S. for unloading their Excess Inventory in big Scale.

Starting to be an Angel Investor for multiple Companies and distributing their Products globally brought him a variety of channel of opportunities worldwide.

Sponsoring dozens of Charities & diverse Organizations made him a good citizen in the community. Just to name a few:

Respecting and treating others the way you want to be respected and treated is the ultimate Goal. The success story of his Life is simple: After any hard Work just do the following two Things: BE HAPPY (with whatever you have) and BE PATIENT.

Being inspired by one of the biggest Thinkers of the Mankind MEVLANA RUMI and his Seven Advices Mr. Sevimli tries to see the World with the positivity and happiness.

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Written by the Personal Assistants: Mrs. Nancy Guitirrez and Gishelle Alvarez